Tanya Vanderham

Born Tanya Genece Burbridge in Artesia California on July 29, 1951.First born of six children to Gene and Genena Burbridge and was raised on a dairy farm.

Dairy farming in the 1950s was much more hands-on than today. Back then you ate, drank and slept dairy,  LITERALLY!

Tanya married John Cornelius Vanderham in 1984. John and Tanya ran their cash and carry

dairy until 2012. They milked their own cows along with a milker. Tanya did all the veterinary work on their cows.  John bottled and marketed their milk. 


They sold their milk through their own cash and carry store. It was called Norwalk Dairy.  Tanya

and John have a wonderful life together, even

now that they are retired due to John’s battle

with Alzheimer’s.


Now she writes a variety books for all ages.

She loves to share her life stories as well as create fictional stories to entertain others. Tanya enjoys writing children's stories the most because she believes that these stories should do more then just tell a story. She believes that children books should also teach them a valuable lesson.

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